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I am incredibly grateful to meet Taeko and her Zoom yoga lessons. I am a full-time working mum with two young children and a dog. Taeko’s zoom yoga lessons have been the almost only way to squeeze regular exercise into my busy daily schedule to keep myself fit (more or less) and have time just for myself. 

Taeko is an excellent teacher, kindly bossy to challenge students to work for the next level. Quite often, when she demonstrates a new posture, my first reaction is “OMG…., I don’t think I can do it…”. However, with time and her patient encouragement, somehow, I have mastered a few new postures so far; I am pleased and quietly proud (only to myself) of the yoga journey that I took with Taeko.

Sayuri Aoyama

I am a huge fan of Taeko’s online yoga class. Her graceful and powerful poses inspire me to move my body, while her humourous and playful remarks relax my mind. I also like the fact that the class takes place her morning in London and my evening in Tokyo, connecting us through a new, unique dimension of time and space. Thanks to Taeko’s subtle yet effective encouragement, my body has become more flexible than ever before. I would love to continue to take her online classes going forward!


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